Welsh Historic Rally Championship 

Championship update following Dixies Challenge
1st May saw round two the Dixies Challenge take place on Epynt
Crews arrived to find Epynt shrouded in fog with drizzle making the stages very challenging quite a dramatic change as Saturday scrutineering took place in sunny summer like conditions
With no major incidents but numerous offs the event ran to time all day and was a credit to the organisers from the co-promotion by Forresters and Forest of Dean clubs
Current leading championship driver is Stuart Anderson in the Vauxhall Chevette HRS nice to see a leading car with no blue oval on bonnet for a change
Leading co-driver is Ian Jones who is seat hoping between a driver with a forest escort and one with a tarmac spec
Round 3 will see crews traveling over the water to the Manx National on the Isle of Man

Results can be found here